Aphasia: What is it ?

Aphasia is a loss of language resulting from stroke or other brain injury. As an adult communication disability, aphasia affects spoken and written language, namely… speaking, writing, reading, and/or understanding others, but without loss of intellect.


Join Us

The Aphasia Community Center welcomes all persons with aphasia in Sarasota and surrounding counties including full-time residents, part-time residents, and extended visitors in Florida.



The Aphasia Community Center (ACC) provides program sessions for persons with aphasia, an acquired adult communication/language disorder after stroke or other brain injury.  Sessions are FREE and focus on improving and maintaining communication skills and well-being for persons with aphasia through social and functional group activities. These include conversation, reading, writing, number skills and exercise. Facilitators use aphasia-friendly materials and supportive techniques. 

It’s all about SPORTS!

Join us as we discuss scores, teams, players,
seasons and more.

Sports Class- This class will be using communication strategies such as speaking, reading and writing, including devices and reading newspaper stats. topics include teams, scores, stats and players.

New Tuesday Schedule  (1st & 2nd Tuesdays)
9:30-9:45        Coffee chat/announcements
9:45-11:15     CLASS
11:15-11:45  Lunch break (bring your own)
11:45-1:00     CLASS

See our March calendar for a full list of classes offered.  Please RSVP for sessions with class organizer.