Our mission is to empower persons with aphasia and co-survivors to communicate and live life fully, positively, and independently.

Aphasia Awareness and Community Outreach

Members of the Aphasia Community Center, Inc. are dedicated to spreading information about aphasia. We engage and educate individuals, local businesses and organizations about aphasia through various aphasia awareness activities.


The Aphasia Community Center, Inc. (ACC) provides programs for persons with aphasia. Members engage in functional group activities to improve and maintain skills in writing, reading, spoken language, math and related skills. Facilitators use aphasia-friendly materials and supportive techniques. Aphasia Community Center, Inc. facilitators are trained volunteers including peers with aphasia, family, friends, college students, speech-language pathologists and other community professionals.

Background History

Sarasota is home to a dynamic aphasia community which includes persons with aphasia (PWA), co-survivors, speech-language pathologists, other professionals, supporters and friends. In 2007, two families impacted by aphasia formed the Suncoast Aphasia Support Group. The Suncoast Aphasia Support Group provides support, education, resources, and social events for individuals and families affected by aphasia. In March 2016, the Aphasia Reading Group was created. This group provides a free group twice monthly. Participants with aphasia gather to read aloud and discuss topics of interest to adults with aphasia. In October 2017, members of the Suncoast Aphasia Support Group envisioned an organization dedicated to improving and maintaining communication skills in persons with aphasia through social, recreational, and relevant functional activities within a supportive environment and ultimately improving quality of life. The Aphasia Community Center, Inc. (ACC) was founded in October 2018 as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization to meet the needs of persons with aphasia and their co-survivors.