Board of Directors

Donna Pollele

President and DIRECTOR

  • ASHA certified and licensed speech-language pathologist
  • 30 years experience working with persons with aphasia & co-survivors
  • Managed teams of speech-language pathologists and clinical staff at various healthcare facilities
  • Involved in the Suncoast Aphasia community since 2012
  • Teaching faculty member in Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of South Florida system since 2011

Erika Boyle


  • 23 years experience as a loss control and risk management professional in the commercial Property & Casualty insurance industry
  • Aphasia co-survivor since 2000
  • Husband is Tom Boyle, a stroke survivor and person living successfully with aphasia
  • Active in raising awareness of aphasia
  • Advocate for people with aphasia
  • Co-founded the Suncoast Aphasia Support Group in 2007

Elyse Gordon

Secretary AND Director

  • ASHA certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
  • 25 years experience working with adult population with expressive and receptive language, cognitive-linguistic and swallowing deficits
  • Managed teams of PT, OT, and Speech Pathologists at Skilled Nursing Facilities including continuum of care campuses (ALF, IL and memory care units)
  • Current Speech Language Pathologist/Regional Quality Assurance Liaison for Fox Rehabilitation servicing individuals in homes, senior living communities and via telehealth
  • Advocate for individuals with communication deficits in the Manatee/Sarasota community since 2005

Becky Reese

Director of Fundraising and Social Media

  • 35 years experience teaching in Sarasota County Schools
  • Aphasia co-survivor since 2018
  • Husband, Rick Reese, is a stroke survivor and person living successfully with Aphasia
  • Active in raising awareness of Aphasia
  • Involved in the Suncoast Aphasia Community since 2018

Beth Kasper

Director of Communications

  • Serial entrepreneur who owned several companies, including an accounting company, a marketing business, and a real estate development business
  • Won Small Business of the Year award through the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce in Kansas
  • Aphasia co-survivor since 2021
  • Husband is Jim Kasper, is a stroke survivor with a form of aphasia called “alexia.” Alexia affects a person’s ability to read, even their own handwriting
  • Involved with the Aphasia Community Center since 2022