Getting to Know ACC Treasurer Erika Boyle

Getting to Know ACC Treasurer Erika Boyle

  How long have you been involved with the ACC? Since the beginning. Donna Polelle approached me in 2016 with the concept of the ACC. I knew right away it was something I wanted to be a part of. The ACC has become all we wanted it to be and so much more. 

What is your professional background? I am the Director of Loss Control at a multinational property and casualty insurance company, and I have been there for 21 years. Before that, I was the Default Servicing Manager at a bank for 10 years. 

What brought you to pursue aa relationship with the ACC? It pursued me. When my husband Tom had a stroke 24 years ago, I instantly became an advocate for people with aphasia and for people who had suffered a stroke. The advocacy became a passion and a mission to help people with aphasia, their caregivers, and families. Our lives now are so immersed and involved in the work of aphasia – from the ACC to the Suncoast Aphasia Support Group, to the SMH Peer Mentor Program, to Tom’s online Siesta Key group and my online co-survivor support group. I feel it’s our calling to help people with aphasia and their families. 

What piece of advice would you offer to people with aphasia? I am going to borrow a quote from Tom… “NEVER GIVE UP!!” Practice speech homework all the time. Everything is homework. 

What is your biggest accomplishment in the last year? We expanded our program at the ACC by launching three new classes and they have been very successful. The ACC also took part in the 2024 Giving Challenge, and we exceeded our goal by raising almost $28,000. This will go a long way to providing future programs and services at the ACC. We have a great Board of Directors that bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the ACC and are passionate about improving the lives of people with aphasia. Stay tuned, there are more exciting things to come! 

What is your favorite thing to do? Cross things off my to-do list! Tom and I enjoy music, traveling, and dining out. 

What is your favorite thing to read about? Besides anything to with aphasia, I like to read cookbooks and cooking magazines. 

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Hmmm, tough decision. I’d have to say pure vanilla bean and maple walnut. Oh yeah, and the stracciatella gelato we had in Rome. 

Where is your favorite place to spend time? Walt Disney World, Island Park by Marina Jacks in Sarasota, or any place with Tom! 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? I love music and cooking; both are in my blood.