“Thank you, ACC! I came to my first Aphasia Community meeting on my own, when Hank was still in the hospital recovering from a massive stroke. I felt warmly welcomed and supported, which was exactly what I needed. After ten years, our Aphasia Community continues to lift me up, sharing courage, strength, and resilience.”  

  • Donna Starr-Prince, a spouse of a person with aphasia 


“The ACC has been a life changer for us since Kris joined almost one year ago… 3 years post stroke. The support and encouragement that we receive has exceeded our expectations. ACC is a big happy family that we love.”

– Susan Michl, parent of a person with aphasia

“I love teaching Sports Talk class because it’s fun. Sports are my thing! The
class helps with conversation, and everybody has something to add, even if
they have trouble communicating.”

-Tom Boyle, a person with aphasia and group leader for Sports Talk

“My son Gene has been attending since ACC started. The classes available focus on the daily needs of people with aphasia. The most important thing is interacting with other people with aphasia; they are not alone! Gene has made great friends and has had great times with everyone. We love Pizza and Game Night, which is full of laughs and pizza. A wonderful place to hang out and make amazing friendships!”

-Monica Carboni

"We are happy we have such a supportive group in the Aphasia Community Center. They understand the struggles and emotional journey that having Aphasia brings. Because of the Aphasia Community Center, I have watched my husband, who has Aphasia, gain confidence to speak and independence through ACC's fun resources and the connections they help him build!"

- Montessa Lizaso

“When insurance for speech therapy ran out, we had nowhere to turn.  But we found the Aphasia Community Center (ACC)!  They offer FREE classes and events that cover essential topics like Math 4 Daily Living, Reading, Writing, and socialization.  The classes are all taught by qualified individuals.  But the best thing?  We found a loving and supportive community.  The people we have met through the ACC understand our journey because they are experiencing it, too.  We genuinely believe that the Aphasia Community Center saved us!”

-Beth Kasper